Best Places to Visit in Coimbatore


All Saints Church

Dating its history back to 163 years ago, the All Saints Church is a cream-colored English-style Anglican Church that is well-maintained both inside and out. Constructed in the year 1851, the church was once a part of the Church of England. It is a reformed protestant church with a beautiful interior and has stained glass windows that never fail to attract tourists of all ages.

biosphere reserve 2

Biosphere Reserve

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve was the first biosphere reserve in India established in the year 1986. It is located in the Western Ghats and includes 2 of the 10 biogeographical provinces of India. Wide ranges of ecosystems and species diversity are found in this region. Thus, it was a natural choice as the premier biosphere reserve of the country and is also one of the most popular places to see in Coimbatore.

brooklands-tea-factory 3

Brooklands Tea Factory

Brooklands Tea Factory and Estates are among the few tea estates in Coonoor where you can also witness the process of tea making. You can walk through the tea bushes or the building checking out the ongoing processes. You’ll get first-hand experience of tea processing from fresh tea leaves.


Dolphin Nose

Located at a distance of just 12 km from Coonoor, the Dolphin’s Nose is a wonderful spot where one can enjoy the natural beauty at its best. The 1,550 m high altitude above sea level makes it a perfect getaway for all those who wish to overlook the 180-degree view of the surrounding scenery. If you look at the other side, you will get to see an unobstructed view of the Kotagiri streams, which is a dreamy experience for sightseeing lovers. 


Droog Fort

This historical fort offers a bird’s eye view from the watchtower and has hidden tunnels for kings to protect themselves from enemies in case of an emergency or war. There is also a sole wall that serves as another reason to attract holidaymakers from everywhere. It is one of the mystical Coimbatore places to visit that needs to be appreciated.

hidden-valley 2

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley, Coonoor is one of the unexplored routes by most of the Coonoor travellers. It is reckoned as one of the beautiful creations of God from where you can have a breath-taking view. 


Lady Canning's Seat

Treat your eyes with astonishing views of landscapes and valleys that are encompassed by breathtaking scenery at Lady Canning’s Seat. Situated at a distance of 9 km from the centre of Coonoor, Lady Canning’s Seat is a great place for experience seekers to enjoy the panoramic beauty at its best.


Laws Falls

The beautiful Law's falls is set inside the Coonoor forest range with vast stretches of undisturbed nature around. Named after Col. Law, who constructed the new Coonoor ghat, this waterfall is formed by the Coonoor River. The height of the waterfall is about 30 feet through multiple cascades.


Ketti Valley

Also known as Switzerland of South India, Ketti Valley is a paradise nestled on the Ooty-Coonoor road. Second largest inhabited valley of India, this valley offers spectacular views of the surrounding lush greenery and Blue Mountains in the distance.


Nilgiri Mountains Railway

This one-of-a-kind train ride winds its way through dark and winding tunnels, verdant forests, and captivating hilly slopes. You will pass by charming places such as Kellar, Coonoor, Wellington, Lovedale, and Ootacamund. Wisps of mist and fog might also follow the train as you slowly make your way up. Watch the sunlight peeking through the clouds as you lose track of time and space altogether.


Rallia Dam

Nestled on the Wellington Road, Rallia Dam is a beautiful secluded spot where you can see rare species of wild animals such as Malabar Squirrels and Bisons in the forest. The serenity and pristine beauty of the place allows people to feel refreshed and the tranquil setting gives you a chance to see this hidden gem any number of times.


Sim's Park

An excellent and delightful visit for fun seekers, sightseeing lovers and photographers, the Sim’s Park lets you spend some quality time amid lush greenery. Situated on the northern side of Coonoor, the park offers a perfect getaway for all those who are looking to escape away from the metro life. It is a great base to discover the hidden secrets of rare exotic plants and is a go-to place for pleasant afternoons on your tour.

tiger hilll 2

Tiger Hill Cemetery

Tiger Hill Cemetery is a 19th century graveyard. It was primarily used by the British for their war burials. Located amidst a tea plantation, this graveyard has burials dating long back. The entrance of the cemetery has a stone gate with an arched gateway and a steeple. The memorials are simple, with a few of them having ornate designs, sculptures and beautifully written epitaphs.

gourmet tea

Tranquilitea Gourmet Nilgiri Teas

Tranquilitea offers a gourmet tea tasting experience where guests get to experience the world of specialty teas with the myriad colours, flavours and aromas that the finest Nilgiri teas have to offer. The experience takes place within our tea estate in Coonoor where guests get to experience the journey of tea from plant to cup.


Lambs Rock

Witness a panoramic view of Coonoor, the tea and coffee estates, lush greenery, thick forests covered by clouds and the plains of Coimbatore under one roof. It is undoubtedly a nature of delight for experience seekers.Take as many photographs as you can. In case if you forgot to bring your own camera, you can also ask the local photographers to capture some of your best shots.


St. George's Church

St. George's church is an essential tourist’s attraction. Constructed in the year 1926, the church is a beautiful remnant of the gothic structure of the British era. It is an archetypal cantonment church with white inlay work and intense ochre stucco. The church is constructed in the ancient Raj style of architecture, with a serene environment.


Wellington's Lake

Nestled in the Keelachiruvoi Village, Wellington Lake is a lesser-known sightseeing place in Ooty that invites tourists to have a great time away from the city life. It is the 2nd largest lake in the Tamil Nadu region and has picturesque views with sky-high trees. Perfect for solo travellers, couples and a group of friends.