Toy Train to Ooty

Here is a unique itinerary for you, recommended by numerous happy travellers, if you are planning to visit Ooty.

On your way to Ooty, make an enjoyment-packed one-day pit stop at Black Thunder - Water Theme Park. Have a blast with your friends and family the whole day on the spectacular rides. Our 25 dry rides, full of fun and exhilaration, sets you up for the day. Once you've had your fill, dive straight into our main attractions - the water rides and pools, tallying up to 39 slippery thrills.

P.S. Make sure to try out the most exciting dry rides like Columbus, Caterpillar Ride and Dashing Car, and the exhilarating wet rides like Dragon Coaster, Mini enterprise, Duck Train, Tora Tora, Ferris Wheel and Parachute.

Once you run out of energy, you can find solace in the comforts that AVANA Resort provides with its leisurely interiors and top-class amenities. waits to indulge and pamper you at the end of the day. Have a filling dinner ranging across a variety of cuisines, and pamper yourself to some peaceful sleep.

The next day, wake up early, have a hearty breakfast and catch the 7:00 AM Mettupalayam to Ooty toy train. If you've seen Harry Potter, and dreamed of riding the Hogwarts Express as it chugs across the countryside while bellowing spurts of steam, then you are in for an absolute treat!

Toy Train to Ooty

Rather than the countryside, this heritage train service rolls through the enchanting hills of Ooty. The train climbs from Mettupalayam, which is at a height of 330 m above sea level, to an elevation of 2200 m to your destination. The Coimbatore to Ooty toy train covers the 46 km journey within 4 hours and 30 mins, slowly taking you over numerous bridges, curves and tunnels, with plenty of time to take in the picturesque landscape in all its tranquil beauty. This toy train ride can be booked from the Indian Railway's website:

  • The tickets for the Mettupalayam to Ooty train sell out quite quickly during the peak holiday season. To ensure you don't miss out on this wonderful experience, it is recommended to book 2-3 months in advance.
  • There is no restroom aboard the train and no catering service, so plan accordingly before you start the journey.