Dry Rides at Black Thunder Water Theme Park in Coimbatore

At Black Thunder, you can have unlimited fun, without having to worry about dressing for the occasion. The land rides take you on an adventurous, thrilling journey through the park!

A vibrant, color-blocked spinning ride with car and boat-shaped seats surrounded by tropical palm trees in a park setting.

Slam Bob Ride

A colorful children

Santa train

A tea cup ride with brightly colored cups and saucers against a background of lush greenery and a large rotating globe in the center of the attraction.

Crazy Cups

Columbus ride with people having fun - The Black Thunder


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Caterpillar Ride

Dashing Car ride with people riding and having fun - The Black Thunder

Dashing Car

a duck shaped ride for kids - The Black Thunder

Mini Enterprises

a close up shot of CARTOON PIRATE ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Cartoon Pirate

a person hung above during the BUNGY EJECTION ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Bungy Ejection

Sky Train ride with mountains in the background - The Black Thunder

Sky Train

Super Jet play area at Black Thunder

Super Jet

an Octopus ride shot from a lower angle - The Black Thunder


an overview of the Break Dance ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Break Dance

an overview of the Dream Girl ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Dream Girl

an overview of A ride for kids

Junior carousel

an overview of the Elephant Circus Fun Ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Elephant Circus Fun Ride

an overview of the Circular Fun Lift ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Circular Fun Lift

many people sitting inside the 5D Theatre experience - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

5D Theatre

an overview of the Thunder Spin ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Thunder Spin

People standing in front of Cine Magic at Black thunder

Cine Magic

a small roller coaster ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Family Coaster

couples sitting in a box during a ride - Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Wonder Flight

New game Happy Sky launched at Black Thunder

Happy Sky

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Crazy Bus